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The Equestrian Sports Institute of Mallorca (IEHM)  is an autonomous body dependent on the  Consell de Mallorca  and currently attached to the Insular Ministry of Local Development.

The main aims of the IEHM are, on the one hand, to manage the Son Pardo and Municipal Racecourses of Manacor and to organize races, and on the other hand to promote and disseminate equestrian culture in general in Mallorcan society.

The Mallorcan racecourses (Son Pardo and Manacor) are today two meeting places for a part of Mallorcan society fond of a sport that is firmly rooted in the island and especially in the rural and agricultural world.

In addition, the IEHM is a full member of the Association of Racing Organizers of Spain, a body that concentrates almost all the racetrack management companies in Spain and is currently the sole interlocutor of the State Lottery and Betting Company. of the State for the agreement of races within the equestrian bets Lototurf and QuintuplePlus.

The organization chart of the Institute is made up of a Governing Board made up of the governing bodies and representatives of all the political groups represented in the Consell de Mallorca; a presidency and a vice-presidency that falls to a councilor of the Consell de Mallorca in addition to the different departments such as the administration, the programming and the betting.





All my life I have felt a close relationship with the world of trotting, since I was a child and went to the races with my parents and my brother until today, as president of the Institute of Equestrian Sport of Mallorca.

I am proud to be part of this institution, to be able to work and continue improving the racecourses of Mallorca, prioritizing the works that need to be done.


One of the main axes on which my work is based is to maintain constant communication with the Balearic Trotting Federation and with all the clubs of our sport.
For me the most important thing is to listen to what people tell us.


I am very grateful to be part of the trotting world and the great equestrian family, a very healthy and humble hobby.
You are all welcome!

Gaspar Oliver
President of the Institute of Equestrian Sport of Mallorca. 





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